Seth Meyers Mocked 11-Time Loser Kevin McCarthy’s Past Bravado And Jokes About ‘Hitting’ Nancy Pelosi With The Speaker’s Gavel When She Handed It Over

Seth Meyers may as well have been speaking for all Americans (well, maybe with the exception of Kevin McCarthy) when, on Thursday night, he admitted that the chaos surrounding Republicans’ continued inability to get their sh*t together and just name a Speaker of the House already “is pretty fun to watch.”

While the political shenanigans will continue today (and who knows for how much longer), Meyers very keenly decided that now might be the right time to remind the world of just how confident Kevin McCarthy was that he’d surely be kicking his feet up in Nancy Pelosi’s former office by now. As part of Thursday’s “A Closer Look” segment, Meyers shared some clips of McCarthy over the past several years (not months) making essentially the same promise/joke: “I want you to watch Pelosi hand me that gavel… It will be hard not to hit her with it.”


That specific quote came from a GOP dinner in 2021, but McCarthy was using iterations of the same line going back to 2020. Although, at one point, he claimed that “I won’t bang [Pelosi] with it, but I’ll bang the end to the socialism and yes to America.” Putting aside the fact that listening to McCarthy talk about the things he will and won’t “bang” is nauseating, you’re right if you think that sentence makes no sense — as Meyers was quick to point out:

Are you sure you didn’t bang yourself with it? ‘I’ll bang the end to the socialism and yes to America.’ I can’t believe that soaring message didn’t resonate! He has the same broken syntax as a Norwegian tourist looking for the M&Ms Store.

Even more amusing to Meyers is how “McCarthy and the GOP were full of bravado about how they would seize the gavel in a show of Republican power and confront Joe Biden and the Democrats.” Instead, while we’re all watching “feuding Republicans in utter chaos on the House floor,” Biden’s week consisted of stopping by Just Q’in BBQ, a Cincinnati restaurant, where he was photographed chowing down on a peach cobbler.

“The only way that could have been more fun for Biden right now is if he was eating his peach cobbler while sitting in the back row of the House of Representatives.”

You can watch the full clip above.