Michael Cohen Calls Rudy Giuliani An ‘Idiot’ Who ‘Drinks Too Much’ And Thinks He’ll Give Trump Up ‘In A Heartbeat’

Michael Cohen can relate to Rudy Giuliani.

They both worked as shady lawyers for Donald Trump and they both had their homes raided by the feds. But just because they have a lot in common (although only one have served prison time… so far) doesn’t mean Cohen has sympathy for Giuliani.

“Here we go folks!!!” Cohen tweeted after the FBI seized cellphones and computers as part of the criminal investigation into the former-New York City’s major alleged Ukraine dealings. Trump’s former fixer also appeared on CNN on Thursday afternoon, where he shared his legal expertise. When asked what he thought about the raid, Cohen replied, “Rudy, I told you so. Donald Trump doesn’t care about anyone or anything, that he will be the next one to be thrown under the bus.” The former-president called the investigation “very unfair” and referred to Giuliani as “a patriot who loves this country.”

Later in the interview, Cohen said, “We have no idea how expansive this investigation is ultimately going to reveal itself, because Rudy’s an idiot. And that’s the problem. Rudy drinks too much. Rudy behaves in such an erratic manner that who knows what’s on those telephones or what’s on his computers?” He also believes that Rudy would turn on Trump without a second thought. “Do I think Rudy would give up Donald in a heartbeat? Absolutely. He certainly doesn’t want to follow my path down into a 36 month sentence for something as innocuous as a hush money payment to a porn star.”

You can watch the CNN clip below.