Seth Meyers Put Together A Collection Of Tips And Tricks To Complement Your Super Bowl Experience

Entertainment Editor

Seth Meyers is versatile. He spends a lot of his time on Late Night taking deeper looks into the whirlwind, divisive politics of the day, but he’s also able to dole out an impressive amount of advice for making the experience of your cultural moments better. And since it’s Super Bowl Sunday and his home channel of NBC is hosting the Big Game, Meyers has some important things to say and they’re worth discussing.

Seth Meyers doesn’t want you to bring a veggie tray to a Super Bowl party. Sure, that makes sense for militant carnivores, but you should reject this sarcastic, manly advice. You need that roughage to help you digest all the delicious meats you eat on Sunday.

And what about those darn young people and their weird slang? Meyers pulls back the curtain on the words being thrown around today that are Super Bowl themed. It’s important to note that a lot of kids are using Super Bowl-themed slang. Parents are very confused.

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