Seth Meyers Dissects The Absurdity Of Trump’s Cabinet Choices And The Jokes Write Themselves

Seth Meyers continued on his “Closer Look” roll Thanksgiving Eve with a thorough examination of Trump’s potential cabinet and the general “you couldn’t make this sh*t up” absurdity of several of the frontrunners being considered for positions seemingly for the sole reason that the punchlines are already written. There’s Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions, whose past comments on the KKK haven’t exactly condemned that organization. Then there’s Rick Perry for Energy Secretary, the head of a department he wanted to eliminate five years ago except couldn’t remember the name during a debate. Oh and don’t forget Ben Carson, who doesn’t think he’s qualified for the position he actually sounds qualified for, and instead may be appointed to a position that makes no sense at all.

But even if you’ve grown weary of the current “SNL sketch or real life?” news cycle, do yourself a favor and jump to the 3:00 mark for Rick Perry performing with Vanilla Ice on Dancing with the Stars. Because that is a thing that happened and words cannot accurately describe Perry in glitter headphones hamming for a network television camera with Rob Van Winkle. It truly is the Thanksgiving week gift that keeps on giving. In that it’s too surreal and laughable to be legitimately depressing.