Seth Rogen Joins ‘The League’

08.08.11 7 years ago 7 Comments

Last season on “The League,” one of the more memorable characters was Raffi (played by a hirsute and wild-eyed Jason Mantzoukas), who dropped out of the league while being sodomized in a car by sex addict Russell (Rob Huebel). This past weekend, show creators Jackie and Jeff Schaefer announced that Raffi’s friend Dirty Randy (“He scouts locations for pornos. And he mostly cleans up everything”) will be played by Seth Rogen.

As a fan of the show, Rogen is well aware of the hype surrounding the character. “He’s seen the shows, so he’s going in [with] eyes wide open,” Schaffer said. “He knows it’s going to be a wild ride.”

Asked whether Dirty Randy would make a return appearance later in the season, Schaffer said there are “always, always, always opportunities” for Rogen to return. [TV Guide]

I really like this casting for everyone involved. “The League” deservedly gets some more attention by having a higher-profile comedian on the show, and Rogen gets to flex his comedic chops in something other than the main role of a movie, and America can hopefully forget that The Green Hornet ever happened.

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