Seven and a Half Minutes of MTV’s ‘Teen Wolf’

06.02.11 8 years ago 13 Comments

About two months ago, I posted the trailer for MTV’s new “Teen Wolf” series, alternately titled “The Werewolf Lacrosse Diaries.” Now we have the first seven minutes-plus of the premiere, which is scheduled to air this Sunday night after the MTV Movie Awards.

I know it’s my job to watch this crap and give you my opinion on it, but I just can’t, man. I made it through two minutes of lacrosse stick fondling, shirtless chin-ups, and teenagers deciding to venture into the woods at night when they find out police discovered half of a dead body there. I didn’t even get to the female love interest who looks to be in her early thirties but is playing a high school student. It’s so stupid and I’m so far removed from the target demographic that it would be a waste of already-wasted brain cells to malign it any further. One-word review: WOOF. Or rather: AWWOOOOOOOOOOO!

[via PopWrap]

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