‘Sex Sent Me To The ER’ Is An Important Show That Completely Ruins Sex

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12.31.13 13 Comments

sex sent me er

It’s not fair. I thought the contest was over, that the most memorable TV quote of 2013 was either “Tread lightly,” “the Lannisters send their regards,” or “who the hell thought 1600 Penn was a good idea?” But then this happened: “I’M THE ONE WITH THE FRACTURED PENIS.” One might say his penis *puts sunglasses on* broke bad.

The above quote comes from TLC’s new “docu-series” Sex Sent Me to the ER. It’s nine kinds of terrible.

The four-part series documents the real-life — and humorous — stories of what happens when sex results in a medical crisis as retold by emergency room physicians and the couples themselves.

Other stories in the premiere including a rocker named Cash who collapses and is unable to move his arm and leg after sex; a trip to the ER reveals a surprising diagnosis. (Via)

Basically, it’s this GIF…

moleman gif

…as a show. Sounds fun?

(Via Hollywood Reporter)

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