Jimmy Kimmel Kept 2020’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ Hidden In A Hazmat Suit Until The Reveal

With apologies to the 28,000 people who signed the petition, Dr. Anthony Fauci was not named the Sexiest Man Alive for 2020. Neither was Robert Pattinson, or Dev Patel, or Timothée Chalamet, or Jonathan Majors, or Ted Lasso, or Coach Beard, or Roy Kent (now I’m just naming Ted Lasso characters), all of whom would have been worthy of the sexy throne. If you want to be surprised, you should watch the clip above from Tuesday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where the SMA wore a hazmat suit to keep himself protected from COVID-19, before scrolling down. As for everyone else: congratulations to Michael B. Jordan, who murdered last year’s winner, John Legend (I assume that’s how it works), to become People‘s new Sexiest Man Alive. A very deserving winner.

“The freedom to go wherever I wanted in public, not worry about paparazzi,” the Creed and Black Panther actor said about his perfect date night. “Enjoy somebody’s company. Go for a drive, dope playlist. Drive somewhere just for dessert. I’m definitely a movie guy, and then I’d ride the vibe for the rest of the night.” My perfect date night is watching Friday Night Lights, on which MBJ played Vince Howard, on the couch, so whatever works. Jordan, who is currently single, was also asked “what parts of a woman’s body he finds most sexy.”

“Oh man, that’s tough. It’s like lips, teeth, mouth. I think I’ve paid more attention to eyes as of late, with these masks. I love a woman’s hips, thighs. Hands and feet. And what order you go, that’s a totally different question.”

Good luck to all women with teeth or lips. You could be Mrs. Michael B. Jordan.

(Via People)