Kim Dickens Hints That We’ll See ‘Sexy Zombies’ In ‘The Walking Dead’ Spin-Off

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Earlier this week, AMC gave a huge vote of confidence to The Walking Dead‘s companion series, working title Cobalt, by giving it a two-season order. On Tuesday, we compiled, to date, everything we know so far about The Walking Dead spin-off, and thanks to an interview with Kim Dickens — the female lead in the series — we can add “sexy zombies.”

In an interview with E! Online, Dickens made a couple of revelations. First off, she said that she’s never seen The Walking Dead or read any of Robert Kirkman’s source material, and while that may sound like a detriment, it’s actually what Kirkman wanted.

“When I was getting close to getting the role I inquired what I should watch of it and they said don’t watch it because A. It’s going to be different than that and B. Your character wouldn’t know what the apocalypse looks like anyway, you know? It was interesting to think of it that way.”

She also added that, though the spin-off would be different, and that it would be filmed different, “My character wouldn’t know that, she wouldn’t have that information so it was a fascinating way to start it, sort of clueless just like the characters really are.”

That’s smart thinking on Kirkman’s part. Dickens really doesn’t know anything about The Walking Dead proper, and she couldn’t reveal that much about the spin-off except to say that it’s “not the same time as the mothership, The Walking Dead.” However, she did note setting the show in Hollywood would allow for a different kind of walker than we’re accustomed to seeing: “We’re going to have sexy zombies!”

Here’s the thing about those Hollywood zombies: Those fake boobs don’t decompose. Expect to see a lot of saline implants peeking out of torn and decayed breasts. God knows what that Botox and plastic surgery will look like on a zombie. We may end up seeing zombies with so much inorganic material on them that they’ll be indistinct from the non-zombies in Hollywood.

Source: E! Online