The Twist In The ‘Shameless’ Season Finale Was So Surprising Not Even The Cast Knew

If you were watching Game of Thrones last night, and haven’t yet made time to finish the best season yet of the amazing Showtime drama, Shameless, then you’d best back out of this post because there will be a major spoiler below that was so surprising that the main cast of Shameless wasn’t even aware of it until they watched the episode themselves last night.


First of all, it was a fantastic, bittersweet finale that managed to be both very satisfying and sad. As Shameless is wont to do, however, they threw in an extra scene after the credits started rolling, and this time, it revealed a HUGE TWIST. Steve, also known as Jimmy, also now known as Jack, drove up in front of the Gallagher house revealing that he is alive.

If you don’t watch Shameless, that’s surprising because we all thought that Steve/Jimmy was dead. At the end of last season, he got on a boat with the expectation that he’d be killed by some men who had it in for him. In fact, after the finale aired last season, Shameless showrunner John Wells said that it was the last we’d see of Jimmy, and that he had been killed off the show.

Apparently, they changed their mind, which is fine, actually, because I like Steve, and I’m not bugged by the misdirection. But the thing is, no one told the rest of the cast, so when it aired on Showtime last night, they were as shocked as everyone else. See, e.g., their tweets:

According to Emmy Rossum over on Twitter, she later found out that the producers put Justin Chatwin in a separate hotel so that no one in the cast would know.

THAT’S how you keep a secret, folks.

I think Ray Liotta in Goodfellas summed it up the best (via Reddit).

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