Shocking News That Will Shock You: Mark Wahlberg To Produce Show Set In Boston

03.08.12 14 Comments

"Man, we are really from Boston."

Hey, Internet reader! Did you know Mark “I Am From Boston So Much” Wahlberg is from Boston? I was pretty shocked by this nugget of information when I learned it this morning. It really diminishes his performance in that movie he was in where he played a guy from Boston. You know, the one where he was a very tough, no-nonsense boxer/cop/thief/other guy who doesn’t mess around because that is NAWT HOW THEY DO IT IN SOUTHIE? I love that movie.

Anyway, now he’s producing a reality show for A&E set in his home city:

“Teamsters” – produced by Wahlberg’s Closest to the Hole, Levinson’s Leverage and Harrison’s Transition Prods — provide a first-hand glimpse of the legendary union in the most aggressive and territorial city in America: Boston. Here, the Teamsters Local 25 battle for the rights of their 11,000 members. “We believe A&E is the perfect venue to create a cutting-edge show that promises to be like nothing else on television,” Levinson said. [Deadline]

Two things:

1) The most aggressive and territorial city in America? Jesus Christ. It’s a city, not a pit bull. Settle down.

2) I’m confused. A show on A&E that isn’t about people with crippling psychological or substance abuse problems? Isn’t that kind of like a show on TLC that doesn’t shamelessly exploit its subjects? Gutsy move, A&E. (Unless of course they’re planning on framing it as a show about a group of people hoarding racist beliefs. I don’t see how we can rule that out at this point.)

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