Erlich And Jian-Yang Fight One Final Time In This Exclusive ‘Silicon Valley’ Deleted Scene

The most recent season of HBO’s Silicon Valley, the show’s fourth (but only with Ed Chambers), ended with some very funny moments and a whole lot of drama. T.J. Miller left the Emmy-nominated series so he could continue being the “hardest-working man in show business,” and his character, bloviating stoner Erlich Bachman, was left in an opium den in Tibet by Gavin Belson. It’s the last time we’ll ever see Erlich (Miller made that very clear: “I will never be on Silicon Valley again”), except for in the exclusive deleted scene above.

In the clip, Erlich is trying to conduct business in his pre-burned-down palapa, but when things don’t work out, he smokes weed. A nearby Jian-Yang, the Jerry to Bachmanity’s Tom, warns, “All the marijuana in the world is not going to make up for what is missing in your life.” The “goggle-eyed toad,” as Erlich calls him, continues, “You are the one floating, all alone in a big ocean of nothing.” When Erlich says he’s actualizing his opportunities: “No, you’re not.” And when Erlich says he has somewhere to be: “No, you don’t.” It’s a shame we’ll never see those two together again, but at least Miller’s departure leaves room for The Great Jian-Yang and Jared Off-Road Adventure.

Silicon Valley season four is available for digital download today (July 31st) and will be available on Blu-ray and DVD September 12th.