‘Silicon Valley’ Has A Premiere Date And Chaotic New Season 4 Trailer


Silicon Valley will return for a fourth season on Sunday, April 23 at 10 p.m. This is good news, because Silicon Valley is a good show, and April 23 is not too far away. HBO has released a teaser trailer for the new season, which you can find above. This is also good news, both because there are very big developments taking place very quickly in the trailer and because Jared (Zack Woods) becomes slightly unhinged and starts screaming “WOO,” repeatedly, which is probably not something you expected to see when you woke up today, but should be happy about anyway.
HBO also released a new picture from the season, which you can find below. This is good news, too, because it features Big Head sitting at a computer. It features a bunch of other characters, too. Look at Jian Yang back there, going toe-to-toe with Erlich about god knows what. But Big Head is the story here. What a goofball. Be honest, you would watch a Big Head spinoff, right? Or one about Erlich starting Aviato, like a Better Call Saul-style prequel? You probably would, if only to hear T.J. Miller pronounce “Aviato” over and over throughout the series. That would be good news, too, eventually, after this show ends.

Lots of good news here.


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