Remember ‘The Simpsons’? They’re Back… And In LEGO Form!

It’s been awhile since an episode of The Simpsons was the most talked-about event on a Sunday night, but the long (long long long long)-running comedy might have out-hyped the likes of Mad Men and Game of Thrones last night with their LEGO episode. We’ve been yakking about it since February, but was it worth the hype? As a novelty episode of television from a show in its 25th season, yes; otherwise, not really.

“Brick Like Me” wisely wrapped its story around Homer and Lisa bonding, and the animation was sublimely detailed, but the cause of LEGO Homer seeing Meat Homer was awfully similar to what Community did with “G.I. Jeff,” and even had some of the beats as The LEGO Movie. It was better than a gimmick episode should be, but the jokes weren’t up to the warped-animation Simpsons standards of “Homer3.”

That being said, I WANT THEM ALL. Here’s a look at nearly every Simpsons character, in LEGO form.

Homer, Marge, and Santa’s Little Helper

The Simpsons Family


Krusty and Mr. Teeny


Groundskeeper Willie

Elementary School Employees

Skinner and Nelson

Comic Book Guy


Moe, Lenny, and Carl


Springfield Residents

Reverend Lovejoy

The Flanders

Abraham Simpson

Chief Wiggum