'The Simpsons' Paid Touching Tribute To Marcia Wallace And Edna Krabappel Last Night

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03.10.14 11 Comments

Last night’s new episode of The Simpsons paid a tribute to Marcia Wallace And Edna Krabappel that will make you feel all of the feels. The episode, called “The Man Who Grew Too Much” — some Sideshow Bob-driven plot — featured an epilogue of Ned Flanders dreaming about dancing with Mrs. K and then waking up and saying, “I really miss that laugh.” Nelson then pops by the window and laughs his trademark laugh before saying, “I miss it too.” SO SAD. Although I feel like an assh*le because I actually had the episode on last night between Bob’s Burgers and True Detective while I farted around on the internet looking for True Detective articles and would have totally missed it if my husband didn’t point it out. So as penance, I’ve watched it like five times so far this morning and have almost made myself cry every time.

Watch for yourself and get all of the tissues ready:

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