The Opening Credits Sequence Mashup Of ‘The Simpsons’ And ‘The Wire’ Makes So Much Sense

09.23.15 3 years ago 4 Comments

This Sunday will mark the return of The Simpsons to Fox. With their 27th season mere days away from premiering, now might just be the perfect time to sit and reminisce about the old days. It was 24 years ago that the show’s third season premiered to the network and while this season wasn’t the highest in caliber or quality for the animated series, it did bring us the baseball-themed classic that is “Homer At The Bat.”

Youtuber CasimirN brought us the above mashup which melds together the credits sequence of The Simpsons — which is specific to that baseball episode referenced above — along with the musical opening for the third season of The Wire. What the two shows seem to have in common is a basic template that features images and clips from the season’s episodes. There’s something rather magical in watching Matt Groening’s characters on screen while the Neville Brothers belt out their cover of Tom Waits’ classic “Way Down In The Hole.”

Even though the concept of The Wiresons may cause a confused brow to be furrowed, the visual cues from The Simpsons seem to sync up pretty darn well to the audio from the opening credits from David Simon’s iconic HBO show.

(Via CasimirN)

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