Enjoy This Animal Handler’s Excellent Skunk Prank On This Morning News Crew

If you ever needed a master class in pranking, this animal handler on KMTV’s Morning Blend has got you covered. The meat begins around 3:15 mark, and features a bit of hilarious cruelty that catches both of our fine morning hosts off guard.

It all starts when Kip Smith from Wildlife Encounters brings a skunk out for Omaha, Nebraska’s best morning news team, Mike DiGiacomo and Mary Nelson, warning them that it will spray if it gets excited. Then, as he turns the skunk, it seemingly cuts loose on both hosts, sending them on the run. Lucky for them, it was all a cruel joke on the part of Smith.

To fool the hosts, Walker held a small water dropper / bottle under the skunk and sprayed it out. Something so simple managed to work to perfection and caused the hosts to actually say he wouldn’t be coming back (a joke, we hope). Obviously the real joke comes when the skunk actually sprays everybody on the stage and then leads an animal uprising against everybody in the studio.

The sloths have locked the doors from the outside and there is no escape. Resistance is futile. Prepare to be eaten.

(Via KMTV)