‘Sleepy Hollow’ Has Been Renewed, But With A New Showrunner

About a month ago, Fox renewed a few of its shows for an additional season, the most notable of which being an early Season 2 renewal for Empire. However, one show that’s been on the renewal bubble for the last few weeks has been Sleepy Hollow. But, as of today, there is no longer a need to wonder about the future of the genre series.

From TheWrap:

“Sleepy Hollow” will ride again — Fox has renewed the series for a third season.

The supernatural show’s third run will see “The Glades” creator Clifton Campbell replacing now-former showrunner Mark Goffman at the helm. Campbell also co-executive produced “White Collar.”

The third season’s currently set for an 18-episode order that could always expand at any time (Gotham started with a short order that was later expanded to 22). Unlike some other shows, Sleepy Hollow is a 20th Century Fox Television-produced series, meaning that Fox owns it outright. Even though the show doesn’t track well in terms of ratings, it has a highly passionate fanbase that shows up for time-shifted, online and international viewing. These are all things that make it a viable entity for Fox beyond Nielsen’s same-day statistics, and thus worth renewing.

Source: TheWrap