‘SNL’ Lets Alec Baldwin And Kate McKinnon Break The Fourth Wall Thanks To An Exhausting Election Year

Entertainment Writer
11.05.16 4 Comments

It would seem that SNL was doing more of the same with their final show before Election Day, giving Alec Baldwin a final run as Donald Trump and letting him give his lips a workout. But then, out of nowhere really, both Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon end their election season on a high note.

It begins as a typical opening sketch like we’ve seen in past weeks, showing Alex Baldwin playing a very realistic version of Donald Trump and Kate McKinnon putting her Hillary Clinton impression through hell thanks to those damn emails. For Trump, there’s a lot of jokes about his use of Twitter, the way he treats women, and his relationships with the FBI, KKK, and Putin. And it’s a really close relationship too, with Trump calling each of them sweetie and baby before planting a big smooch on their face.

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