‘SNL’ Lets Alec Baldwin And Kate McKinnon Break The Fourth Wall Thanks To An Exhausting Election Year

It would seem that SNL was doing more of the same with their final show before Election Day, giving Alec Baldwin a final run as Donald Trump and letting him give his lips a workout. But then, out of nowhere really, both Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon end their election season on a high note.

It begins as a typical opening sketch like we’ve seen in past weeks, showing Alex Baldwin playing a very realistic version of Donald Trump and Kate McKinnon putting her Hillary Clinton impression through hell thanks to those damn emails. For Trump, there’s a lot of jokes about his use of Twitter, the way he treats women, and his relationships with the FBI, KKK, and Putin. And it’s a really close relationship too, with Trump calling each of them sweetie and baby before planting a big smooch on their face.

McKinnon’s Clinton pleads with Mark Burnett to leak out the tape of Trump allegedly saying the n-word and trying to plead with the public to look at the reality of Trump and his kissy ways. It’s a fine sketch until it takes a turn for reality, with Alec Baldwin breaking off his Trump to say how much he dislikes yelling at McKinnon in the Trump character. They then decide to run outside, meet with people walking on the streets, and having some big positivity love fest in the streets of New York.

Then it ends as one big ad for voting, which you better do by this point. If you don’t, I swear one of these people is literally going to come beat the crap out of you.

(Via SNL)