The ‘SNL’ Cold Open Set The Record Straight On The CDC’s New Mask Rules

Last week’s cold open of Saturday Night Live was a loving tribute to mothers that included most of the cast and Miley Cyrus singing Dolly Parton, but the latest episode got back to business with a rundown of the CDC’s new and somewhat confusing mask policy.

The big news of the week was, of course, that vaccinated people do not need to wear masks outside or inside in “most” situations. But as Kate McKinnon’s Anthony Fauci (“the patron saint of Purell”) explained, it’s not so cut and dry for many people.

“A lot of people had questions. Such as ‘What does that mean? What the hell are you talking about? Is this a trap?’” McKinnon’s Fauci said. “So, to clear things up I found a few doctors at the CDC who minored in theater.”

And so “the CDC players” play out various scenes where things could get confusing. Starting with “man enters a bar,” where it’s explained you don’t need to wear a mask inside said bar if you are fully vaccinated.

“Well, I’m entering a bar at 11 a.m.,” Beck Bennett said. “Did you really think I was vaxxed? Because that’s on you.”

“You’re right,” Aidy Bryant’s character says. “I deserve COVID.”

Another sketch got a bit sidetracked from the “masks are still required on airplanes” by the incessant horniness of the people involved. There’s a joke about January 6 MAGA riot at the US Capitol, and a bit of Kyle Mooney weirdness where the sketch briefly becomes a Family Guy bit.

SNL on YouTube

Pete Davidson gets weird on public transportation in New York, and things continue to spiral despite the good intentions of the sketch in general.

“The real point is we have to trust each other so please be honest and respectful,” McKinnon says, as Fauci. It’s a good message for sure, and comes after a week of very good news for people who are vaccinated. But as the sketch points out, well, it’s always a bit more complicated than respect and honesty these days.

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