Robert De Niro’s Robert Mueller Is Hiding In The Trump Closet In The ‘SNL’ Cold Open

Things are so bad for our nation’s president that Alec Baldwin didn’t even swing by for the latest Saturday Night Live. But you can’t have a modern SNL without a Trump-related cold open. And so we got to hang with his sons instead: Mikey Day’s imperious Jr. and Alex Moffat’s endearing dim-bulb Eric.

You don’t want to spend too much time with the Trump sons, even parody equivalents, so the sketch was strangely short for SNL — only around four minutes. It found Eric in his kiddie bed in Trump Tower, being visited first by Eric, then by no less than Robert Mueller, played once again by no less than Robert De Niro.

De Niro’s Mueller was first found literally in the closet — an actual boogeyman ready to destroy the Trump family’s lives. Once Jr. was out of the room, Mueller moved to Eric’s side, preparing him to buckle up for one hell of a ride — namely for a barrage of indictments and possible jail time, should Mueller’s investigation prove as grisly as it seems.

The meeting between Mueller and Eric Trump was civil, almost paternalistic. “People say you’re the worst thing that ever happened to my dad,” Eric told his visitor. “No,” Mueller replied, “getting elected president was the worst thing that ever happened to your dad.” It’s not even a joke.