Alec Baldwin’s Trump And Darrell Hammond’s Bill Clinton Trade Impeachment Notes In The ‘SNL’ Cold Open

Despite insisting on death by meteor instead of reprising his Donald Trump impression on Saturday Night Live, actor Alec Baldwin has been a regular fixture in many of the 45th season’s cold open sketches. Sure enough, he was back to ridicule the president and his most ardent, rally-going fans at the beginning of this weekend’s Chance the Rapper-hosted episode. And much like many of Baldwin’s previous SNL cold opens, this one was rife with supporting characters old and new, as well as a few surprise cameos from the past.

From Kate McKinnon’s take on Sen. Lindsey Graham to Pete Davidson’s recently-freed ISIS fighter, this cold open was chock-full of the format’s most recent version of its “greatest hits.” Yet the fun really got going when former SNL cast member and current announcer Darrell Hammond reprised his take on former President Bill Clinton. “I wish I would have known that a president could be on the road like this, doing rallies. Can you imagine?” he exclaimed. “Oh my lord, I would never come home.”

The two swapped bits about impeachment, prompting Hammond’s Clinton to call Baldwin’s Trump a “dirty dog” after assuming the nature of his investigation was similar. “No, it’s not for that,” said the latter. “They don’t mind when I do that. Trust me.” In addition to Hammond’s cameo, fellow former SNL cast member Fred Armisen also made a brief appearance as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to discuss his friendship with Trump.