David S. Pumpkins Returns In The Halloween Spirit In This Clip From His ‘SNL’ Animated Special

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On Saturday night, folks like me who lost their sh*t seeing the David S. Pumpkins sketch on SNL will be faced with a daunting question: What do I want out of a David S. Pumpkins animated Halloween special? Frankly, something this weird just existing is good enough for me, but a freshly unveiled clip from the one-off should give an idea of what’s in store for Mr. Pumpkins.

Tom Hanks returns to voice the Halloween enigma and in this early peek we don’t really get much in a way of clues regarding what this guy’s deal is. What we do know is that when animated moppets choose the “magic pumpkin” you’ve got David S. Pumpkins for Halloween, maaaaan. The kids in the special don’t seem particularly enthused about having David S. Pumpkins in their life, although they may feel differently at the end of their journey. Heck, this could be the origin story for Pumpkins’ skeleton dancers.

The David S. Pumpkins Animated Halloween Special will debut on October 28th in the regular SNL time slot, followed by SNL Presents: Halloween. (Here’s hoping Will Forte’s creepo Halloween opportunist Jeff Montgomery makes an appearance on the latter). The next live episode comes on November 4th with the combo of Larry David and Miley Cyrus.

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