‘SNL’s’ Twisted Tale Of ‘The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air’ Starring Method Man Turns Dark Quickly

01.21.18 4 months ago 5 Comments

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air really leaned into the fact that all your problems back home could go away if you moved across the country to live with your judge uncle. But what if the gang Will started trouble with in Philadelphia was even somewhat more powerful, and especially more motivated? You’d probably get something like SNL‘s take on the situation.

First off, the gang would probably be able to take out Carlton and Uncle Phil with no problems. And even if Will made it out of Bel-Air, then what? He can’t just expect to survive living motel to motel. That’s where the FBI comes in. They’ll need to fake his death and take some of his teeth so a post-mortem exhumation stands up to any scrutiny.

Naturally, the next step is Will being abducted by a fake FBI agent, only to have his fingerprints burned off so he can once again have his identity changed, but thankfully, that Philadelphia gang is committed.

But not as committed as Uncle Phil with a pump shotgun.

The last few seasons have had some of the best musical sketches on SNL in years, but when it comes to a dark and twisted Fresh Prince, not much stands up.

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