Gal Gadot Is A Bit Too Good At Playing Kendall Jenner On ‘SNL’

The first sketch featuring Gal Gadot during her SNL debut was your typical fake ad/fake promo for the E! Network’s new Kendall Jenner-heavy TV lineup. It’s probably forgettable on its surface — especially after the show kicked off with a very serious moment — but Gal Gadot taps into some sort of deep potential to really capture the essence of Kendall Jenner. While she also puts on a blonde wig to play Gigi Hadid in the “model house,” it’s Gadot’s Jenner that stands out and keeps returning throughout the sketch. Possibly because she can’t find her way out of it.

Unlike Kanye West, doing his best not to be seen in almost every appearance on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kendall is just all over the place and unaware that there is a camera in every room. If you dropped her into that Pepsi ad, there’s little chance you could tell the difference. If you ever need to pull a Meg Griffin with Kendall on the show, just call up Gal Gadot. She’s a perfect clone.

Elsewhere in this sketch, Melissa Villaseñor does a great Gwen Stefani impression, we get to know the unsung heroes in the background of Riverdale, and Cecily Strong pulls double duty as the Powerful Sluts Of Miami. If that’s a real show in the spring, someone isn’t doing their job.

Also, please pour one out for Gigi Hadid. She didn’t make it.

(Via SNL)