Kate McKinnon’s ‘Jeff Sessions’ Proves She Could Handle The Entire Trump Administration If ‘SNL’ Let Her

Kate McKinnon could be one of the greatest political satirists of this generation. Her SNL impersonations aren’t only spot-on, they’re wide-ranging. McKinnon can play Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Hilary Clinton, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the left, and on the right, she’s perfectly comfortable goofing on Kellyanne Conway, Ann Romney, Betsy Devos and maybe the alien abductee lady.

But her best impersonation could be Jeff Sessions. Yes, the coy, smug, and part mannequin Attorney General of the United States of America. He’s the type of guy who might one day explain that he would’ve gotten away with it if not for those meddling kids. McKinnon nails him.

As the mystery surrounding Jeff Sessions’ relations with Russia continue to unfold (backed coincidentally enough by an SNL alum), McKinnon puts on what looks to be an accurately-sized suit and does her best to wiggle out of any wrongdoing with “Al Franken.”

Try as “Franken” might, he just couldn’t wrangle a decent confession or even agreement that Sessions was going to tell him the truth. It’s reminiscent of Sessions’ recent recusal from the Senate’s investigation into any contact Trump’s campaign may have had with Russians. Basically, a lot of words are said, and it all goes nowhere. It’s accurate in a depressing way.

Perhaps they need to get the real Al Franken back on SNL. Maybe for a timely 2020 event when he might be needing some exposure?