Kit Harington Did A Striptease In A Burlesque Dress On ‘SNL’

If you predicted the Kit Harington SNL would feature him doing his best Michael Jackson impersonation, then you get a gold star. If you also predicted Jon Snow would don a crimson red satin corset while doing a striptease, then you can now join the Democratic legion running for president of the United States of America.

Harington’s episode has been unaccountably weird, with the stoic Stark scion showing off his rarely tapped oddball side. In the sketch at hand, he crashed a bachelorette party, offering himself as their token stripper. The catch? He’s actually the fiancé of the bride-to-be (Cecily Strong). And under his trenchcoat he’s wearing a burlesque outfit.

Yes, this was your chance to watch Jon Snow cheerfully crossdress, complete with long gloves, high heels and, it was eventually revealed after a long time spent not undressing, nipple tassles. His stage name was Eva Braun, and he even had a teacher: a chain-smoking French woman played by Kate McKinnon — one of the stars of the movie Rough Night, to which the sketch vaguely resembled.

SNL, by nature, tends to be hastily assembled, so cherish when this happens: This sketch — which was basically a chance to see Kit Harington with almost no clothes — was an actually solid punchline. When one of his female audience members complimented his body, he replied, “Thanks, sis.”