‘SNL’ Made Fun Of How Doomed Young People Are With ‘Millennial Millions’

SNL’s latest host, Rachel Brosnahan, is a card-carrying millennial, and so is its current most famous cast member, Pete Davidson. So it made sense for the Brosnahan episode to find some laughs in the how screwed their generation is, money-wise.

Enter “Millennial Millions,” the second game show-themed sketch in the episode’s first half-hour, after the cold open. Once again, Kenan Thompson played the chipper, gallows humor-prone host, leading Brosnahan and Davidson’s struggling twentysomethings in a variation of Press Your Luck/Whammy. The categories they can wind on include things like “debt relief” or “social security” — surely to be of help to Brosnahan’s character, who doesn’t have health insurance because she only works at Google.

The catch? They can only keep their winnings — including, for Davidson, a prize that will cover up to $100,000 in student debt, or half of what he owes — if, and only if, they can stomach listening to a boomer rant about their bubbled “problems” for about 15 seconds. Guess what happens!

While Brosnahan and Davidson can’t help but lose their stuff as the evil Boomers rant about how they paid for college back when college was remotely affordable, Thompson hangs back, chuckling. That’s because he’s Generation X. “I just sit on the sidelines and watch the world burn,” Thompson says with a chuckle. Of course, isn’t Generation X screwed, too?