‘SNL’ Will Pay Tribute To Prince With A Special Episode

04.23.16 2 years ago

NBC/Broadway Video

Are you ready for the Prince tributes and retrospectives to stop? Good, us neither. The latest act of tribute being paid to the Paisley Park denizen comes from New York and Studio 8H.

Saturday Night Live has revealed that they’ll be airing a special episode tonight dedicated to the music icon’s memory. Armed with the title “Goodnight Sweet Prince,” this SNL lookback appears likely to feature his multiple performances on the program and there’s always the possibility we’ll catch a clip or two of Fred Armisen’s loving interpretation of the enigmatic artist.

SNL has seen a healthy amount of Prince during its 40+ year run. The genre-melting performer’s debut came in 1981 and he’d later return as a musical guest in 2006 and 2014. (You might remember that 2014 performance best for being one glorious eight-minute engagement.) In addition, Prince busted out the Batman soundtrack cut “Electric Chair” on the show’s 15th anniversary special and would perform with an unlikely all-star team of celebs at the SNL 40th anniversary afterparty. The dude has credentials.

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