‘SNL’ Expertly Mocked Donald Trump’s Ridiculous Week With This Cold Open

SNL‘s cold open reflected mostly on the Presidential Race, because really what else is there to talk about? Just this week, Donald Trump talked about his penis size, Ted Cruz ate a gross booger, and Hillary, uh, didn’t get David Duke’s endorsement. But hey, Mitt Romney also had some words about Trump, which meant we got Jason Sudeikis back to do his Romney impression. It’d be pretty difficult to top the actual events in the news, but Sudeikis got to tell us how Trump is a flim-flam man.

Sudeikis’ impression of Romney isn’t terribly strong, but at least he pushed some irony with the “you didn’t ask for it, but you got it” remark. The American public never asked Romney to weigh in, but audiences received a whole host of political fireworks anyway. So, Sudeikis plays on this surprise intrusion with his own unexpected return to SNL. Still, the most spot-on moment of this clip happens to be the Chris Christie “hostage face” replay: “Yes sir, thank you sir. May I please have another?”