Kate McKinnon’s Jeff Sessions Explains To Roy Moore That He’s ‘Too Alabama for Alabama’ On ‘SNL’

In one of the few cold opens that have given Alec Baldwin a break from being Donald Trump over the last year, Saturday Night Live brought out embattled senate nominee Roy Moore, who is currently engrossed in sexual assault allegations stemming from his alleged relationships with multiple underage girls. Who better to discuss these allegations than vice president Mike Pence?

“They want to do everything they can to bring President Trump’s legislative victories to… one,” Pence said, upset that Moore can possibly lose his seat due to the various accusations against him. “Voters in Alabama will never elect someone who had relationships with a minor.”

Roy Moore asks: “You sure about that?” “No,” Pence responds. And once again, it’s one of those satirical moments that seems weirdly real. Especially when Kate McKinnon, as Jeff Sessions, climbs out of a cabinet to heap praise on Roy Moore’s unprecedented creepiness. According to Sessions, Moore was “too Alabama” for Alabama.

Moore’s allegations come from women who were as young as 14 at the time, and an Alabama state representative has said that he believes that Moore’s accusers should be jailed. The Senate seat he’s vying for is up grabs on December 12th in an increasingly close race against Doug Jones.

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