The ‘Snowpiercer’ Show Trailer Offers A Preview Of A Revolution Coming Down The Tracks

Snowpiercer was already a successful film, and the TV adaptation that debuted at Comic-Con on Saturday looks to include more of the principles that made the film a critical hit.

The Snowpiercer film of 2013 was an interesting look at a second global ice age that made you never look at gelatinous blobs of insect guts the same way again. While some on the train lived in luxury, those further to the back worked to keep the others comfortable, a cruel caste system that seems inevitable to change, much like it did in the film.

The TV series, which will air on TBS, features Jennifer Connolly in charge of the train crisscrossing the globe with humanity’s last hope for survival. Daveed Diggs, of Hamilton, most notably, also stars in the show as the revolutionary protagonist with nothing to lose but his son. Connelly starts the trailer giving daily announcements on the train, noting the cold outside and indicating that we’re “six years, nine months and 26 days” into the train’s departure.

She also warns passengers to brace themselves, presumably for the weather outside impacting the train on the tracks and, just maybe, the coming revolution.

“We figured out a way to survive in the shadows,” Diggs’ character says. “How about we leave this hell behind?”

The trailer seems to put Connelly and Diggs’ characters against one another, the former trying to maintain order while the latter incites revolution. And this version, though with all the hallmarks of the first one apparently there, also seems a bit more…. sultry than the movie.

We’ll find out for sure what’s on the tracks when Snowpiercer airs on TBS. Release date: coming soon.