So Are We All Doing This ‘Sharknado’ Thing Again Or What?

A quick Sharknado sequel Pro vs. Con:


  • Last year’s original version was a magnificent amount of fun, and most of the main players are back.
  • Ian Ziering is really, really good as a silly B-movie lead, and I mean that as a sincere compliment. He totally committed to the role in the first one, despite every fiber of his body probably telling him to do otherwise, and the result was the audience laughing with the film instead of at it. Not everyone can pull that off. (Hi.)
  • It’s getting pretty good reviews.
  • It’s probably going to be a good time if you can get out of your head about it, you contrarian piece of human garbage.
  • Sharks in tornadoes.
  • It’s a Wednesday in late July and what the hell else are you going to watch?


  • It all feels a little too contrived this time, doesn’t it? Like, would you be totally surprised if one of the actors physically crawls out of the television and winks at you? I’m not sure I would.
  • Part of the fun of the first one was running with a silly thing most people didn’t care about (at least at the beginning), and, like, you wouldn’t be totally out of line to feel a little weird about Matt Lauer getting a cameo in this one.
  • No Nova the Shotgun-Wielding Bartender.

Which brings me to my point: Are we all doing this again tonight or what? Y/N (Letters only, please.)