‘South Park’ Spoofed ‘Game Of Thrones’ And Took On The Xbox One Versus PS4 Console Wars Last Night

11.14.13 6 years ago 7 Comments

Last night’s episode of South Park, “Black Friday”, included Game Of Thrones and Star Trek references and a send-up of the Xbox One versus PS4 console war, in addition to satirizing Black Friday sales and Tickle-Me Elmo. The full episode can be viewed at the official site for a limited time, and we’ve added a relevant clip below (while it lasts).

In the episode, Randy Marsh takes a job working mall security (for ulterior motives I won’t spoil), where he is warned that “winter is coming” and a repeat of the previous year’s Black Friday deaths is impending. Meanwhile, the boys realize their best chance of getting the hot new console is by being one of the first people in the door on Black Friday, collecting an 80% off deal. A rift happens when they can’t agree on which console is better, Xbox One or PS4.

This episode seems to be part one of a multi-episode arc, and ending the episode on a cliffhanger just reminded us how much we wanted South Park: The Stick Of Truth to release on time.

By the way, anybody know where we can buy a Stop Touching Me, Elmo doll? It’s for a friend.

Full episode here.

(H/T: CVG)

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