‘South Park’ Creates Fake News About Facebook And Vladimir Putin In A Prequel To ‘The Fractured But Whole’

Entertainment Writer

Wednesday’s South Park acted as a double impact of sorts, tackling some current events with another strong episode from this season and then standing as a prequel to The Fractured But Whole storyline ahead of the game’s release on October 17th. Most of the episode is not a lead in to the game itself, with the boys taking on their superhero personas in hopes of landing a Netflix series because they’re just greenlighting anything that comes along. The problem is Butters or Professor Chaos and Facebook, spreading fake news about Coon And Friends and thwarting their plans to start their Marvel-like franchise.

It sort of acts as a shorter version of “The Black Friday Trilogy” that preceded the release of The Stick of Truth, but also seems to take a stance on the role of Facebook in the Russia fake news scandal while also placing a mirror up to Facebook users and their acceptance of the good and the bad with the platform. And it does this with a very robotic and unsavory version of Mark Zuckerberg that does his own sound effects and ends up fighting a bunch of children in the street.

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