Megyn Kelly And Kevin Spacey Will Collaborate On A TV Series About Staffers In The White House Residence

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In the fan fiction universe in my head, celebrities hang out and write fan fiction about their careers with each other. That’s why the news that Kevin Spacey and Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly were collaborating on a TV show together made my geeky heart leap one hundred stories high. Along with House of Cards producer Dana Brunetti, Spacey and Kelly will executive produce The Resident, a drama about the staffers in the White House residence — where the President of the United States and his/her family live — and how they interact with their high-powered charges. The Hollywood Reporter describes it as a cross between Cards and Downton Abbey, and it’s headed for cable if it goes to series.

While Washington D.C. is hardly new territory for television, the primary focus on the White House residence is a fairly new direction and will make for some juicy personal stories about the leader of the free world. And as someone who doesn’t shy away from having an opinion, it will be very interesting to see what Kelly has to offer as a creative force when she’s away from her news desk. It really makes me wonder if she’s been filling notebooks in her spare time or working on a novel. To pair her with Kevin Spacey, who has been bringing his own breathtakingly corrupt president to life on House of Cards, makes me wonder if Kelly is secretly fulfilling a dream of hers.

If she’s not the only media type with creative ambitions, what other kinds of secret projects are going on? I hereby pitch my own show — a sitcom or web series all about broadcasters and the fiction they’re too ashamed to read to people.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)