Spoiler Alert: Wonder Woman Can Run

Here are the first pictures of Adrianne Palicki working on the set of the new “Wonder Woman” series, and SPOILER ALERT: Wonder Woman is going to be running! Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Aw, man! Why’d you have to spoil it for me? I was enjoying thinking about the different ways she might chase criminals — walking quickly, riding a Segway, flying her invisible jet — but now the show is ruined for me!” But that’s just how I roll. I’m not afraid to ruffle some feathers when it comes to revealing TV’s most closely guarded secrets.
Anyway, the ensuing pictures don’t exactly make Wonder Woman look very cool — Palicki looks too hard like she’s trying to do Harrison Ford’s signature angry run — but to be fair, not many people look cool in still pictures snapped during mid-run. I’m sure if you made a flip book of these photos and got an approximation of Palicki’s boobs jiggling, you might be more inclined to watch “Wonder Woman.” Of course, some short-shorts would also help, and I’d also recommend a bustier that lifts and pushes together (rather than lifts and separates), but I should probably save these opinions for the Wonder Woman fan forum I moderate,

[images via WWTDD and, like, everywhere else]