Spoiling 'The Killing' Finale: Revealing the Murderer of Rosie Larsen

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06.18.12 51 Comments

“The Killing” crashed to a absurd, comical conclusion last night, finally revealing who the murderer(s) of Rosie Larsen, capping a second season that in no way redeemed the awful, maddening season finale of the first. In fact, maybe the only thing worse than ending the first season without revealing the killer was ending the second season by revealing a main killer so out of left field as to almost make the glacially paced, numbing 25 episodes that preceded the finale completely moot. In fact, besides establishing that there was a murder and establishing that Rosie Larsen was at the island casino on the night of her murder, almost nothing in the entire first season of “The Killing” was necessary to explaining the murderer(s).

However, before I do reveal the killer(s) and thwart anyone from trying out the series, let me just answer this: Is “The Killing” worth watching? In short, no, with one caveat: Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman — who play the investigating detectives, Linden and Holder — are fantastic. They’re given bad storylines, terrible motivations, and they make stupid decisions all the way through the series, but they actually do make watching much of the series tolerable. They do not, however, make it enjoyable. Or interesting. Or in any way compelling.

So, who were the killers? SPOILERS AHEAD. However, you will have to have a basic understanding of the characters. This post is essentially designed for people who watched the first season of “The Killing” and then quit after the infuriating first-season finale.

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