Spotless Gets Unpredictable With Skateboard Chases and Necrophilia In Fourth Episode

Put together a local politician, a high-end escort named Joanna and a festive night with hard drugs and you’ve got another mess for Jean to clean up.  After an intense interrogation with a deputy mayoral candidate, Jean takes Joanna’s body back home and stages what he considers a “proper death.”

After falling asleep, Jean wakes up to the shocking sight of Clay’s younger brother Victor having sex with Joanna’s body. Later on, Nelson comes over and explains that Victor’s been sick for a while after killing his wife in a drunken stupor and “tried to love her back to life.” They then decide to burn the house to get rid of all the evidence.

While on a coffee run, Martin spots the two French guys that have been looking for him all over London. He immediately takes off and starts skateboarding through London as if he’s done this his entire life. Eventually, he loses his wind and his pursuers catch up to him. He tells them where the drugs have gone and how he’s now involved with Nelson Clay before they stab him in the shoulder and he jumps over a bridge into a river.

In other news, Maddy is going through a rebellious phase as a result of a sudden school change that includes shoplifting and impulsive tongue piercings. Julie’s enjoying going out on her own, Jean is gaining a deeper connection with his “mistrapist” (mistress + therapist) and Victor threatens Jean’s entire family out of revenge.

Check out our video recap of the episode above.  For more, be sure to catch Spotless on Esquire Network on Saturdays at 10|9c.

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