‘Squid Game’ Is So Popular That It’s Turning Other Netflix Shows Into Mega-Hits

Squid Game is Netflix’s biggest series ever (according to Netflix), but it’s also bringing attention to other shows on the streaming service.

Once subscribers finished Squid Game, they were directed to other Netflix titles that might appeal to the interests of someone who watched all nine episodes of a violent dystopian series in a weekend. Something like Alice in Borderland, a Japanese series about “an aimless gamer and his two friends [who] find themselves in a parallel Tokyo, where they’re forced to compete in a series of sadistic games to survive.”

Viewership for Alice has mightily increased since Squid Game premiered in September. “We were thrilled to see that many members who discovered and watched Squid Game also started discovering Alice for the first time,” Michael Smith, Netflix’s product innovation manager, said at the Tokyo International Film Festival on Tuesday (via Variety). “Our service picked up on this connection and started recommending Alice to more members who hadn’t already seen the show.”

The result was what Smith describes as a “sizable uptick in global viewing” for Alice. “It landed back in the top ten series ranking in more than fifty countries around the world, more than nine months after its initial launch,” he said.

If Squid Game could also direct people towards the 1996 Tim Burton film Mars Attacks!, that would be swell. Not enough people talking about Mars Attacks! these days.

(Via Variety)