Netflix Is Removing A Real Person’s Phone Number From ‘Squid Game’ After They Received Calls ‘Endlessly’

A Korean man has been bombarded with over 4,000 calls a day since Squid Game premiered due to having the same phone number as one that’s featured on the popular Netflix series. Everyone with an 867-5309 number in the early 1980s can relate.

“After Squid Game aired, I have been receiving calls and texts endlessly, 24/7, to the point that it’s hard for me to go on with daily life,” he said in an interview with Koreaboo. “This is a number that I’ve been using for more than 10 years, so I’m quite taken aback. There are more than 4,000 numbers that I’ve had to delete from my phone and it’s to the point where due to people reaching out without a sense of day and night due to their curiosity, my phone’s battery is drained and turns off.”

That sounds like a nightmare (I get anxiety if I get an call from one unknown number, let alone 4,000), so Netflix has decided to “edit out the scenes that include the phone number,” according to EW. “The unfortunate incident was accidental as the Squid Game creators thought that removing the first three digits of the number would render it unusable. However, they were unaware that if the number was dialed as a local call, those numbers would be automatically added, allowing anyone to reach its owner.”

This poor person can finally sleep sound knowing that the next time someone calls him, it will be about his car’s extended warranty.

(Via EW)