The Long-Rumored Squirrel Girl TV Show Is Finally (Allegedly) Happening

08.30.16 3 years ago 3 Comments

We recommend taking the following news with an entire shaker’s worth of salt. After all, Squirrel Girl has endured more baseless rumors and wild speculation than actual evildoers. Fans of the half-girl, half-rodent crimefighter have had to suffer through myriad teasers and hearsay about whether she’ll ever make the jump from comic books to the small or big screen. The latest water cooler talk about the beloved heroine concerns a possible New Warriors television series that ABC Studios might be developing at this very moment. Emphasis on might be.

TV Line is breaking the news/spreading the rumor that ABC and Marvel Studios–both of which refused to comment, obviously–are hard at work on the half-hour comedy and seeking a potential cable or streaming home for it. The website doesn’t name its sources, which isn’t very encouraging, but describes the series as a “junior version of the Avengers,” consisting of a roster of teenaged superheroes that includes Doreen Green, Squirrel Girl’s alter ego.

Assuming SG ignorance on the part of the reader, the statement continues by clarifying her abilities, explaining she “can do more than just communicate with the world’s vast squirrel population; she also possesses super-speed and strength.” If only her superpowers also included knowing which rumors about herself were true. That would be really nifty.

(Via io9)

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