John C. McGinley Wastes Demons Like A Pro In The Trailer For IFC’s ‘Stan Against Evil’

As we’ve learned from Ash vs Evil Dead, having your life threatened by unrelenting evil can cramp your style. It also can be a winning formula for thrills, chills and disgusting fluid spills on cable. IFC is banking on your heart having space for another cultishly adored actor going toe-to-toe with a few rough demonic customers and they’ve got a trailer to help sell you on it.

Revealed at New York City Comic-Con, this early peak (tucked above if you’d like to play along at home) at the sensibly titled Stan Against Evil boasts Scrubs treasure John C. McGinley as a small town sheriff named Stan who has to Stan® against the evil that is 172 demons. He and the town’s new sheriff (played by Janet Varney) will have to sort this out because you can’t just have a bunch of evil creatures ruining everyone’s day. It’s inconvenient at best and murder-y at worst.

In this minute-long look-in, we get McGinley annihilating enemies with a pipe, a cop squealing in horror and the general sense that the titular Stan deserves an afternoon off to enjoy the game. Consider us intrigued. McGinley and his oddly reassuring mustache will arrive on IFC in the series premiere of Stan Against Evil slated for November 2.