Stephen Colbert Has A Clear Beef With J.K. Rowling’s ‘Harry Potter’ Revelations

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Stephen Colbert has had enough of J.K. Rowling’s repeated changes to the Harry Potter universe. Almost a decade after the last book was published and years after the last movie was released, Rowling continues to tweak story details and go back on plot lines that she regrets including. Colbert, a long time Tolkien diehard, is not happy that another extremely successful fantasy series is being reworked after the fact and he let audiences know it during a recent The Late Show with Stephen Colbert segment.

Rowling has done everything from wishing she never put Hermione and Ron together, to letting everyone know they were pronouncing He Who Must Not Be Named wrong, to making up a completely new, Americanized version of “Muggle”. In short, she’s rethinking some of the exact things that fans love about the books. Colbert is fed up, and came up with some “spoilers” of his own in a segment called “Harry Potter and the Cauldron of Spoilers”. Not to be the ones to fact-check the great Colbert, but it’s actually a Pensieve that he enters looking for fresh spoilers about the books – not a cauldron. Despite that small misstep, Colbert is reflecting a lot of the same worries that fans have; too many alterations and the most beloved parts of Harry’s adventures could be inadvertently rendered moot by the author herself.

Is Snape’s real name “Snapple”? Did Harry really once make out with his own Patronus? While we wait for Rowling to either confirm or deny these new revelations, cross your fingers that any other retcons she decides to share are about small details that don’t really matter and not something like “Harry’s parents didn’t actually die they’re just on an island off of New Zealand enjoying an early retirement.”

(Via The Late Show)

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