Stephen Colbert Turns Don Jr.’s Russia Meeting Into The Bumbling ‘Oceans 11’ Film We All Need

Stephen Colbert’s Russia Week continued last night with the comedian riffing on Donald Trump Jr.’s mystery meeting with Natalia Veselnitskaya. As you well know by now, what first seemed like a meeting between the Russian lawyer, Don Jr., Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort about adoptions swelled into something much bigger. That’s all fairly exciting in and of itself, but it has nothing on how Colbert envisions the proceedings. This isn’t just an investigation— it’s the summer blockbuster you can’t miss.

First though, Colbert kicked off the show by ruminating on the Trump administration’s new Voter Fraud Commission. “I know a lot of you might be upset by the results of the election this year,” he quipped, “But you aren’t as upset as the man who won it.” He delves into not only why Trump set up the Commission, but Kansas Secretary of State Chris Kobach’s new role heading it up. Not to mention that incident where the Commission released 112 pages of private voter information, essentially doxxing a lot of people.

In the Don Jr. sketch, Colbert zeros in on the ever-expanding and “varied cast of characters” involved the Don Jr. meeting. “If you recall, when he was first confronted with the evidence there might have been this meeting, Donald Jr. said the only person was there, then were was two, then there was– what comes after two? Five.” As he runs over who was present at the meeting, their jobs and ties to the Kremlin, it starts to sound very familiar. And no, not from the recent news cycle. “Wait a minute!” Colbert shouts. “I just realized what this movie is. It’s a heist movie!” He runs back over everyone’s archetypal roles in cinematic terms and throw in potential roles for Ivanka and Eric Trump for a film he calls Collusions 11, a take on the classic Oceans 11.

If you’re ready to grab your popcorn, hang on. Colbert has other snacks in mind. The comedy host wrapped up Russia week with scenes in which he wanders the streets of Moscow on the Fourth of July and introduces strangers to various aspects of American culture from Slim Jims and Pop Tarts, to the word covfefe, to how President Trump shakes hands. The best moment just might involve Colbert’s many struggles to eat Cheese Wiz, or when he starts making up lyrics to the Russian national anthem. Grab your favorite junk food and settle in to watch Colbert demonstrating what makes America great.

(Via The Late Show)