Showtime Is Probably Going To Make Your Dreams Come True With A Stephen Colbert Election Night Special

November 8 was likely already going to be a night you wanted to find a TV, but Showtime just announced even more reason to cancel all your plans, order a pizza, crack open a stiff IPA, and watch the most anticipated few hours of television in decades from the comfort of your own couch. Showtime boss man David Nevins announced today that the network is working on sealing up an agreement that would pin Stephen Colbert as host of a live election night special. The announcement of the planned special, coupled with The Late Show with Stephen Colbert planning on going live after the presidential and vice presidential debates, means Colbert will have ample opportunity to get in on the political coverage live over the next 80-plus days.

Speaking at the Television Critics Association summer press tour on Thursday, Nevins told Variety the network thinks it makes sense that people would want to switch over to a premium channel to watch the the conclusion to the most unconventional election.

“People don’t just want to watch CNN and Fox News. We want them to watch Showtime on election night.”

The move logistically makes sense; Colbert will have the night off from filming The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and Showtime and CBS have a working relationship that would allow for Colbert to take the high-profile, one night gig. What’s more, fans of Comedy Central’s Colbert Report will be pleased to hear the election special may resemble the Colbert they fell in love with more than anything they’ve seen him do thus far since joining CBS.

“It’ll be Colbert unfettered, he’s promised he’ll say at least a couple curse words,” Nevins joked. “It’s something I’ve been trying to get him to do — he’s not on CBS that night anyway, so I think it’ll be really fun… He’s had a good time being more political.”

(Via Variety)

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