Stephen Colbert Made Jonah Hill Apologize For His Real Crime Against Humanity Last Night

Editorial Director
06.05.14 12 Comments

Jonah Hill dropped by The Colbert Report last night after a long week of apologizing (here and here) to get back to promoting 22 Jump Street, but Stephen Colbert had other plans. The ginormous “elephant in the room” had to be addressed immediately. And we — as a society — are the better for it.

Once the air is cleared on that matter Colbert transitions to the ultimate Tom Hanks compliment and visual evidence of why Channing Tatum makes him so angry. Jonah Hill participates as well. It’s a good interview. You should watch it. Hill’s thoughts on how funny Tatum is in the original movie are particularly interesting if 21 Jump Street is where you finally admitted to yourself that you were a full-on C-Tates fan (“So what kind of bullsh*t do they say about covalent bonds at this school?”).

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