Stephen Colbert Finds A Way To Rub Trump’s Nose In His ‘Rigged’ Emmy Loss

One of the highlights of Wednesday’s final presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was when the Democratic nominee for president listed the many ways that Trump has faced rigged contests over the years. The one that elicited a response from the GOP nominee was the remark about him calling the Emmys rigged because The Apprentice did not win each year it was nominated for its reality television category. This prompted a few funny responses on Twitter from people who actually walked away with one of the awards over the years, but only one of those folks were going live on national television following the final showdown between Clinton and Trump.

Stephen Colbert brought some of his Emmy awards out live on The Late Show stage to show them off and show Trump what it is like to the be the owner of some gold statues. Trump certainly doesn’t need much more gold in his life, but you kinda feel that this is the kinda thing that would sting a bit for the guy who puts his name on the side of every building he’s ever had a hand in building:

The nice part is where Colbert notes that The Amazing Race is the show that beat The Apprentice at the Emmys in those years. He says that this year, it could go to The Amazing Racist. Expect a call from Ari Shaffir in the near future, distancing the brand away from The Trump name.

(Via The Late Show)