It was reported soon after the first season of “The Walking Dead” concluded late last year that the entire writing staff of the AMC hit was being cleared out for possibly being too good at their job. That turned out not to be entirely accurate, though creator Robert Kirkman wouldn’t give any iron-clad promises that changes to the writing staff wouldn’t take place prior to the start of the second season.

So with that mind I guess we can refrain from calling Kirkman a dirty lying whore upon hearing the news that Stephen King is in talks to write a Season 2 episode. The development makes sense given that the series’ executive producer, Frank Darabont, was responsible for bringing three of King’s books to the big screen. Of course, this offer is being made in no way to atone for King passing over Darabont for The Dark Tower.

I intend to ignore further news about the King episode until it’s confirmed. The guessing game is half the fun. The arrival of zombies as crazy clowns and Red Sox fans should be enough to tip me off. Let’s just hope this opens the door to other notable horror writers getting a go on the show. Christopher Pike and R.L. Stine have endless ideas for shoehorning a cliffhanger in just before every commercial break. OH GOD, WHAT’S THAT SHADOW?! Oh whew, it’s just a zombie shaped rock.