Steve Carell Will Play A Serial Killer’s Therapist In A New FX Show From ‘The Americans’ Duo

Since leaving The Office in 2011, Steve Carell has mainly focused on his movie career. This has proved to be a sound decision, as he’s been nominated for an Academy Award (for Foxcatcher) and made untold millions voicing Gru in the Despicable Me franchise. But he made his return to TV last year with Netflix’s Space Force, and he’ll soon star in a FX series from the creators of the all-time great show The Americans.

FX has “handed out a 10-episode order for a half-hour limited series called The Patient, starring The Office alum and written by The Americans‘ Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg,” according to the Hollywood Reporter. The plot revolves around a psychotherapist, played by Carell, who “finds himself held prisoner by a serial killer with an unusual request: curb his homicidal urges.” We’ve all been there. Here’s more:

But unwinding the mind of this man while also dealing with the waves of his own repressed troubles creates a journey perhaps as treacherous as his captivity. Carell will play Alexander Strauss, a psychiatrist who has recently lost his wife. Behind his cerebral, sensitive exterior, he has yet to plumb the depths of his own pain and loss.

It’s unknown who will play the serial killer, but I have one idea:


Now there’s the face of a depressed killer.

(Via the Hollywood Reporter)